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Michelle Saram Profile and Bio

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Michelle Saram Fan Site - News, Bio, Pictures/Photos, Interview - 鄭雪兒: Fan Talk

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'Add Comment' - Photo Gallery
Fan Talk portabella writes "Hi David and Fans of Michelle

Has anyone noticed the language used in the 'add comment' section? It is APPALLING!!!

Words like 'f***', 'suck damb f***' could be found in picture 25 of 31 in "City of Sky" and a whole load of RUBBISH that did not make SENSE.

I'm sure you will agree with me that while we can excuse the poor command of English, we CANNOT and SHALL NOT TOLERATE such foul language used! I certainly OBJECT to this!!!

To those who have no regard or respect to our creator of this fansite, David, Michelle and her Fans, I have this message to share:

"This fansite is dedicated to our dear Michelle and her fans who ADMIRE and LOVE her. Please stop hurling those nasty foul comments. This is not a fansite for you to ventilate your displeasure. If you are NOT a fan of Michelle, you have a choice and that would be to EXIT immediately!!!"

In reference to the 'guilty' ones, you are writing in this manner coz you are totally devoid of respect and love for yourself???


Posted by david on Friday, March 18 @ 10:22:20 CST (29830 reads)
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Why I Like MG2 So Much
Fan Talk arialun writes "Some friends promoted MG to me and I like it. Then there was MG2 and I heard that the story is not good. I never thought of watching MG2 until the vcds appeared in front of my eyes. Since I'm quite free, I decided to watch it and somehow I fall madly in love with MG2. What follows is a lengthy article but this is written only because I like MG2 so much!

Posted by david on Sunday, August 08 @ 19:48:44 CDT (3560 reads)
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The Lawsuit that Michelle Saram faced in 2000.
Fan Talk song writes "I guess many fans of Michelle Saram should know that she first came to fame in Year 1997 when she went to Hong Kong and filmed the commercial with heart throb singer-actor Aaron Kwok.

That was quite a unprecedented move as there wasnt many Singapore artistes who managed to venture overseas. The earliest which i can remember was Jimmy Ye liang Jun (I guess hes forgetable coz he doesnt sing now) and singer Kit Chan who starred in SNOW WOLF LAKE with Jacky Cheung in HongKong.

Thus her foray into Hong Kong was quite a boom.

It was reported that she signed up with FLY ENTERTAINMENT who became her managing company. Fly Entertainment was based in Singapore and started by Miss Phuah Chu Kang, or Irene Ang- a Singapore Veteran Actress who acted as Phua Chu Kang's wife in the award winning(Asian TV award) sitcom
Phua Chu Kang.

I could not find or I din not manage to find information about the lawsuit- Why and when it started coz i guess it was kept in wraps. I had studies Law modules before and a breach of contract is deemed quite serious as Money will be the settlement in most cases.

there was a report in Straits Times that Michelle Saram was sued S$262000 which was quite a huge sum by Fly Entertainment for breach of contract.

My prelimary guess (not official) is that it could be due to the fact that she took up certain projects without the knowledge of FLY ENTERTAINMENT perhaps some ill informed advise given to her.

THat backfired. I guess she was 25 years old then and was heading to an illustrious career......to be continued

Posted by david on Friday, April 23 @ 08:55:19 CDT (3055 reads)
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Fan Talk tia writes "January, 22 is Chinese New Year. Michelle - from all of us at the fan site - HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR- GONG XI FA CHAI! We wish all the best for you and we will support you always."

Posted by david on Monday, January 19 @ 09:39:52 CST (1545 reads)
(Read More... | 4 comments | Score: 2)

Happy Birthday Michelle!
Fan Talk Today, December 12 (or actually tomorrow for some people in different parts of the world like me), is Michelle's birthday. Michelle- from all of us at the fan site- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You're the best and we will support you always.

Posted by david on Thursday, December 11 @ 10:35:01 CST (1634 reads)
(Read More... | 8 comments | Score: 5)

Baby Boom
Fan Talk Michelle recently appeared in the drama "Baby Boom" in Singapore. It actually just ended last week with 20 episodes overall. In it Michelle plays a working woman named Kris (short for Kristen) who gets romatically involved with a married man. I just thought it was really interesting how similar the character is in some ways with Meteor Garden 2's Ye Sha. Like Ye Sha, Kris is the "third party" of a love triangle. And like in MG2, Michelle's character loses out. Also Kris has a terminal illness but later on was persuaded to go overseas for treatment. Here are brief summaries of each Baby Boom episode.

Posted by david on Wednesday, October 22 @ 00:04:04 CDT (1392 reads)
(Read More... | 50 comments | Score: 1)

The loving, understanding & talented yesha
Fan Talk Anonymous writes "it's sad that not everyone sees how nice and talented the girl is. we'll i can understand that the MG story really calls for dao ming si and san cai's reconcillation considering what they have been through in MG1, but that's not fair for them to hate yesha's character so much, i mean she sacrificed a lot in the story and she's not that bad as a villain or something. she's nice to san cai, cared so much about her, worries for her and loved her as a best friend. they should pity her character instead, for she helps the two to reunite. well it's not finished here (philippines) yet but everyone knows that san chai and dao ming si will be together again at the end. i just wish it'll be yesha & asi and san chai & lei, anyway san cai and lei look good together, that way no one will be left alone.

i hope the fans will consider her and realized how much happiness she brought to dao ming si's life and thought him to live a simple, meaningful and much happier life...

i wish they could give her some credit and learn to love the girl if not yesha of the MG2 but the talented, pretty and spontaneous singer/actress... MICHELLE SARAM

Posted by david on Thursday, October 09 @ 10:21:00 CDT (1665 reads)
(Read More... | 51 comments | Score: 4)

Finally an English Michelle Saram site...
Fan Talk Firefly writes "Hi,
Ok, i guess this is not news but sort of an introduction :)

First of all I never thought I would see the day that a whole english site is dedicated to the beautiful and talented Michelle Saram. Im a big fan of Michelle and I sometimes wander aimlessly looking for a site in English (i can speak a lil bit of Mandarin but my hold of characters are hopeless) that has everything about this spunky chick.

I know Michelle mainly from the MG2 series. when i saw her i was like whoa! This girl is really2 pretty. First i thought she was really spanish, than i found out that she's ChinDian. And i'm arabic chinese, and i guess i sort of connected with her in a way, cos theres not much of a representations of half chinese women in chinese films. And she can act! I dont understand why some ppl says she cant, maybe because she got her international exposure from playing Ye Sha. But c'mon, if the would be unbiased and really think logically, A se should choose her in the end. But apart from that, they should see that Ye Sha character develops very well and its all thanks to Michelle.

Ok, better stop now before i write a whole essay on Michelle.
Oh Btw, i made a fanfic with Michelle and F4. Its actually my own crazy obsession that Michelle should be with Vic Zhou hahaha.
Youre all welcome to see it and leave comments. Its not finished though. Still looking for time to find a nice ending.
Its at www.winglin.net/VicWish
you must type VicWish instead of vicwish.
Thx for reading and i'll try and gather some REAL news on Ms. Saram.


Posted by david on Wednesday, September 03 @ 22:30:36 CDT (1828 reads)
(Read More... | 47 comments | Score: 4.33)

Ye Sha or San Cai?!?!
Fan Talk Andrea writes "Hi, my name is Andrea and I really thank you for this wonderful site! I'm really a big fan of Michelle Saram especially her potrayal of Ye Sha in Meteor Garden2. it seems to me that a lot of people hates her and I don't know why? What's the matter with them? Don't they see that she's really a great actress and worthy of an award?! They always look on her negative part especially in meteor garden2, everyone hates me because i like Ye Sha's character than that of San Cai's! Doesn't she look better with Dao ming Si than San Cai is?!

Well, it's not my problem anymore if they have a problem with Michelle's character in MG2, all I know is that she's talented and great! When I grow up, I just want to be like her. Sweet, humble, simple and optimistic. THANKS A LOT FOR THIS WONDERFUL SITE!!!

P.S. Although MG2 is not yet finished here in the Phil., I have read the summaries. I agree that it didn't end so good. In fact, i hate the ending. It's just unfair! How could Dao Ming Si leave Ye Sha just for San Cai?!Doesn't he remember all those things Ye Sha did for him?!errrrgghhh!! Anyway, MG2 is already finish and I can not do anything about it.... That's all!!"

Posted by david on Tuesday, September 02 @ 19:56:27 CDT (5449 reads)
(Read More... | 58 comments | Score: 3.40)

My take on Michelle in MG2 and MG2 in general
Fan Talk I thought Michelle did a really convincing job portraying Ye Sha, a character who epitomized goodness of heart and freedom of spirit. Michelle had to perform a myriad of emotions and I came away impressed with her acting ability.

MG2, although not as good as MG1, really let loose on a dizzying array of ironies and symbolisms (the balloons, the meteor rings, the "stray dog", the "Brave Ye Sha" star, just to name a few). Even though I enjoyed it, I do have some complaints about the story, however. The ending was quite unrealistic- after regaining his memory DMS picked Shan Cai over Ye Sha. What was he smoking? With all that Ye Sha did for him, all her sacrifices and love came up second place to someone whom he had recently rejected and even disdained? Er... yeah right.

Posted by david on Saturday, August 16 @ 00:08:37 CDT (2799 reads)
(Read More... | 2721 bytes more | 8 comments | Score: 4.63)

If you see Michelle walking towards you on a busy street you would....

Try to get her autograph
Option #1 while humming "When I See You Smile"
Cry and then faint


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