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From: [email protected]  Wed 26 Nov 2003 02:52:57 AM CST
Oo nga magk2blikn n nga cla kaso ang landi ni YESHA!!!!nl2ndi nya c ah si npakalANDI!!!!!!!!NK2INIS![TIN-TIN]

From: [email protected]  Thu 27 Nov 2003 03:34:10 AM CST
grabe tlaga yng c yesha kng mkahlik ky Ah si kla mo ang ganda nya!!!!!!!!!buti nlang hnd cla mg-ka2luyn n Ah si. buti nga sa knya.........

From: dana  Mon 15 Dec 2003 12:08:04 PM CST
vanness what happen to your mouth???

From: fan  Mon 15 Dec 2003 12:22:41 PM CST
i think the meteor garden 1 is better than 2 but both is super. it was the best film i saw. the best is jerry. i am a fan from him. he is the best from all. but i think all is good

From: mandy  Tue 30 Dec 2003 02:12:57 PM CST
vic is SOOOOO cute!!!

From: tel tel  Mon 12 Jan 2004 05:49:36 AM CST
ako nga pla ung anak ni malou and ogie! tga england ako!ako ung pnkamaarteng pilipino sa u.k! and nkashave ung pubic hair ko...

From: kristine  Thu 15 Jan 2004 06:00:45 AM CST
ay... sobrang landi mo! vsta ko ke vaness ako! grava! i love you chow! IF U ONLY KNEW! jeric blikan mo n ko plz!

From: Kamille Elpidama  Sun 18 Jan 2004 05:03:11 AM CST
I LoVe YoU VeRy MuCh,

From: [email protected]  Thu 05 Feb 2004 02:56:55 PM CST
hello. buti pa kayo napapanood nyo ako hindi. wala kaseng tfc channel dito sa england miss na miss ko na ang meteor garden.

From: secret  Tue 10 Feb 2004 01:43:19 PM CST
ei.. saan ka s u.k? im from worcester.

From: CHARMAINE ESTOLE  Sat 17 Apr 2004 11:16:08 PM CDT

From: anne fesalbon  Sun 18 Apr 2004 01:20:52 AM CDT
i think meteor garden 2 is the best but i think meteor garden 1 is better than meteor garden 2

From: Thao  Fri 07 May 2004 01:48:55 AM CDT
awww... go away... i rekon Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai are kool togetha [i haven't seen numba II =( .. Jerry I love u sooooooooooooooooooooo if onli u nu!! xox

From: lini  Sat 08 May 2004 09:27:48 AM CDT
hi does anyone know where to dl meteor garden 1, cuz i have meteor 2 but i would like to see the first one...thankie

From: Victoria yang  Mon 12 Jul 2004 07:09:54 PM CDT
Well all the guys are cute but barbie looks too short.but I think vic zhou is the hottest in the picture and the cutest.

From: sammy  Mon 02 Aug 2004 03:54:16 PM CDT
dang pt 2 was kinda boring..cuss dao ming si was always with yeesha!but i love the movie anyways..dao ming si was sooooooo sweet to shancai..i envy her in the movie=P

From: VIC'S FAN!!  Sun 22 Aug 2004 04:09:47 AM CDT

Both parts was great! BUT THE BEST THING ABOUT IT IS VIC!!!! he is so CUTE!!!!


From: aj  Tue 31 Aug 2004 10:15:43 AM CDT
excuse me dapat bang pag awayan yan? e kung mas cute ka kaysa sa kanila?

From: rina  Thu 16 Sep 2004 07:19:41 AM CDT
best giler citer ni,tapi sedihlah masa dao ming si hilang ingatan kesian kat shan chai.saya baru je tengok citer ni yang ditayangkan kat 8tv sekarang baru episod kedua.semalam tak tengok sebab tak tahu nasib baik ada kawan bagitau sebab diorang pun minat jugak.

From: rina  Thu 16 Sep 2004 07:22:20 AM CDT
dao ming si hensem giler, shan chai pulak cantik dan cute sangat. i love you all. arriyos.

From: rina  Thu 16 Sep 2004 07:24:31 AM CDT
michelle saram tue sibuk je nak rampas dao ming si dari shan chai. kesian sangat masa dao ming si hilang ingatan pastu jatuh hati dengan si michelle pulak

From: gie malabag  Mon 04 Oct 2004 09:18:05 PM CDT
MG2 was very good movie the characters doing well and they acted so nice... i like DMS coz he acts like professional and ye sha she's pretty and she cts very well. all of tem are pretty good ..

From: F4 fans!!!  Tue 02 Nov 2004 12:01:13 PM CST
F4 tu semuanya hensem2 belaka terutamanya vic zhou(Lei). He sooooo cute....Jerry plak hensem tu.Yang lain tu kira OK lah...

kesian San Chai kena harungi pelbagai cabaran untuk mencari Dao Ming Si yang sudah hilang ingatan akibat kemalangan di Barcelona....

From: kia thao  Mon 06 Dec 2004 09:58:01 AM CST
meteor garden 1 and 2 rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: kia thao  Thu 09 Dec 2004 10:02:43 AM CST
I love f4... especally jerry yan cheng xu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: kia thao  Sat 11 Dec 2004 10:11:54 PM CST
kia loves jerry yan Cheng Xu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: [email protected]  Sun 12 Dec 2004 05:17:55 AM CST
this wonderful story tlaga I hope sana magkaron ng MG 3

From: Nkauf Zoo  Thu 28 Apr 2005 03:47:20 PM CDT
I luv F4, especially Jerry Yen

From: Lelo T.  Mon 09 May 2005 09:19:54 AM CDT
omg...he is so....HOTT...! i mean of course Vic Zhou....omg....i like this photo...*sigh* i love him..i mean them...

From: Jamie  Thu 09 Jun 2005 12:39:49 PM CDT
aww...they're so HOTT...but i like vic the cute and so adorable....=D

From: pa houa yang  Thu 16 Jun 2005 09:48:28 AM CDT
hi thea jerry. um.. i want to tell you that i really like you and you laugh like a baby face but sometimes old. i don't know why i keep thinking of you when i see the movie meteor garden. you make me feel like someone else from my friends and i think i would want to meet you at taiwan or california.

From: Cindy luvin Vic Zhou  Thu 16 Jun 2005 12:03:18 PM CDT
vic zhou you are the one I like best in the most in the movie.
please write to me and send me pictures and I will send you some pictures too.well here is my address
Cindy Xiong
5415 farley st
Oroville,CA 95966
Vic (lei) is so cute

From: loving jerry  Fri 17 Jun 2005 09:52:01 AM CDT
hi darling. i really miss you so much babe.send me a picture of you and i will send my picture to you too. this is my addie.
pa houa yang
38 rosita way
oroville, ca 95966

From: meteorgardenf4  Fri 17 Jun 2005 02:50:21 PM CDT
hey hows life. did you get my letter yet jerry. well i really like all of you four and thats why its call f4 right. write back to me and tell them to give me one each of there picture to me too. well good night sweet hearts, wha shi i nee that means i love you.

From: ZaiZai LOVER!!!!!!!  Mon 20 Jun 2005 09:09:44 PM CDT
hey can u send me a picture of you, i'll try my best to send a picture of meh ok and if i can't i'm sorry

From: amanda  Sat 02 Jul 2005 10:55:38 PM CDT
hahah well i think that vanness and ken are hott! but JERRY!! is SEXY!! he's the cutest though.. haha

From: phoebe  Thu 07 Jul 2005 04:01:50 AM CDT
hi f4 love u all wish ko n makita kyo in person love u all cal mi 09263781667

From: Kadie  Sun 17 Jul 2005 01:00:21 PM CDT
OMG...i love meteor garder so much..Vic is so HOT...dang..jerry is too...yea..go get that gurl..haha..

From: fan doa ming si shan ci  Tue 19 Jul 2005 11:34:39 AM CDT
go get shan cai i no u can do it ggggggiiiiiirrrrrrlllllllll u can u can lik getting married so you can do you know you can com on do it do it do it but you yesha u cant hahahahahahahahhahhahahahah :) ;) see ya have a grate Movie METEOR GARDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Alyssa  Thu 21 Jul 2005 04:15:38 PM CDT
wow!ang gnda tlg ng Meteor Garden.bgy tlg c San Chai at Dao Ming Sze.qut tlg c Jerry. ;) :)

From: [E]ugenia  Sun 24 Jul 2005 04:29:22 AM CDT
i luuuv u vic! ^_^

From: Alyssa  Sun 31 Jul 2005 05:31:23 PM CDT
Wa I De Jerry!!!! mwaaaaaaaaaah!!!

From: I LOVE U ALL  Tue 09 Aug 2005 06:56:34 PM CDT
f4 is so cute and i love them so much!! THE MOVIE IS GREAT MND ITIS THE BEST DRAMA EVER!!!!

From: [email protected]  Tue 09 Aug 2005 06:58:53 PM CDT
wow this picture is really nice and sweet!And this is the 1st best Chinese movie I've seen!Keep it up all of the members in Meteor Garden!!I LOVE ALL OF YA SO GOSHER MUCH!!eheh.Wish ya luck!

From: meteor garden  Mon 15 Aug 2005 03:55:22 PM CDT

From: barbie  Tue 16 Aug 2005 12:22:59 PM CDT

From: winnie osuna   Tue 23 Aug 2005 12:58:03 AM CDT
nabbaliw nko s meteor garden maganda ksi kya lang mas gusto yung una anyway sana hindi na ayoko yung s michelle sam kay jerry gusto k prin s shan cai...

From: chersyl  Thu 01 Sep 2005 03:44:46 AM CDT
sana may Meteor Garden season 3
Pero well i really love d story hope that F4 and San Chai will come back to the Philippines...

From: Han le  Mon 05 Sep 2005 12:32:45 AM CDT

From: pooh  Tue 06 Sep 2005 10:25:42 PM CDT
well mlapit nrin mtapos ang meteor garden 2 grabe sna pagkatapos nang 2 yung 3 nman ang isunod ang cute nyong lhat nkkabaliw ang story nyo.ok see u guys, much luv from m pooh...

From: Haler  Sat 10 Sep 2005 03:58:45 PM CDT
Ang meteor garden 1 and 2 maganda talaga!!! i watch every night at 9:10 to 10:00. i never want to miss an episode. I love you meteor garden!!!!:)

From: Breanna Jae P. Fajardo  Sat 10 Sep 2005 04:04:20 PM CDT
Maganda ang Meteor Garden 1 and2. I watch it every night sa Pinoy Central. I never want to miss an episode. some people say it's stupid but it's not. Ilove you Meteor gGarden:)
- Biggest Fan Breanna Jae P. Fajardo

From: lanie_beyb  Sat 24 Sep 2005 01:47:02 PM CDT
ilove jerry yan so much... he's so handsome... i love you... hehehe

From: Gi  Tue 25 Oct 2005 06:57:38 PM CDT
Hello F4 Coool

From: rica zai zai 16  Sat 29 Oct 2005 05:09:13 AM CDT
I really really luv u hua ze lei!!!!!!!!!

i hope u will go here again in the Philippines bcoz we rily miss u here.........

ang gwapo gwapo mo tlaga and you are so cute.
luv ko rin ang F4

From: kooo girl  Fri 11 Nov 2005 09:32:14 AM CST
mas galin see f4 at ganda si michellle at si barbie hindi na gulo na mas galin!

From: kooo girl  Fri 11 Nov 2005 09:33:36 AM CST
ako nga pla ung anak ni malou and ogie! tga england ako!ako ung pnkamaartengFrom: rica zai zai 16 (Sat 29 Oct 2005 03:09:13 AM PDT)
I really really luv u hua ze lei!!!!!!!!!

i hope u will go here again in the Philippines bcoz we rily miss u here.........

From: kooo girl  Fri 11 Nov 2005 09:35:50 AM CST
hope u will go here again in the Philippines bcoz we rily miss u here.........Ang meteor garden 1 and 2 maganda talaga!!! i watch every night at 9:10 to 10:00.seen!Keep it up all of the members in Meteor Garden!!I LOVE ALL OF YA SO GOSHERGANDA YAN OWcutest though..

From: krystalkat91  Mon 14 Nov 2005 05:54:05 AM CST
I love f4! they r so amazing! I still luv their songs even though i live in england! Wish i cud c f4 when i visit my family in the philippines again!

From: kAcIe LeE  Wed 16 Nov 2005 07:21:41 PM CST
oh my god..i love jerry yan xu xi he is so fine with those fine ass him

From: Love F4  Wed 14 Dec 2005 06:09:37 PM CST
What up my buddy F4,your is so hot,and cute too.well just keep it up ok.I love much.
hello evryone.
Te Amor mucho
I Love You.
Your Always Traci Lam

From: lorna  Mon 06 Feb 2006 07:25:26 PM CST
kamukha ko dw xa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

From: phuc  Wed 08 Feb 2006 07:46:53 AM CST
u guy r so hot

From: Mimi  Fri 24 Feb 2006 01:44:35 PM CST
Hope there will be a Meteor Garden 3
F4 are so hot

From: kulot&&&&&trixie  Wed 08 Mar 2006 07:25:03 AM CST
hi......dao ming shi
maboang ko nimo//////////// i love you
mas love pa ta ka kysa sa aq bf////////.....

From: Hye  Thu 16 Mar 2006 03:56:43 AM CST
I love METEOR GARDEN!!!!!!Vic is so cute

From: Nancy  Tue 21 Mar 2006 07:50:14 PM CST
Wassup!!F4.Did u know that I love your so much.Keep going o.k.I always love your...

From: Jenny  Tue 21 Mar 2006 07:52:15 PM CST
Oh man!!F4 so wonderfull, I like Meteor Garden and love F4 ...F4 4ever

From: Jane  Tue 21 Mar 2006 07:54:07 PM CST
I'll always stay at yourside.F4 take my heart..For today tomorrow and forever F4 always #1 in my heart...4 ever and ever...

From: HEIMEE  Wed 22 Mar 2006 01:50:32 AM CST
Hay! buti na lng at hindi sine yeshe at dao ang nagka2luyan pero nakakainis rin kasi nasaktan tlaga si sancai sa mga pangyayari sa part 2

From: fLexiL "pRetty"  Sat 25 Mar 2006 02:09:22 AM CST
i d()n't hV c()mMntZ!
i l()vE wAtChiNg mEtE()r gArdEn kC,i'M thEir biG fAn aCtuALi!

From: fLexiL   Sat 25 Mar 2006 02:11:12 AM CST
dA()miNgzi()))))))))))))iM uR sAn cAi...

From: Ops u did it again  Thu 30 Mar 2006 08:55:21 AM CST
LOvE Y'all.

From: shi khang  Wed 24 May 2006 09:46:04 AM CDT
you guys are the best in the movies, i've watched it and it was amazing.........keep up the work people ,especially vic zhou...wei ai ni....

From: mee a.k.a april  Fri 26 May 2006 10:17:08 PM CDT
hey u r the best

From: summer  Fri 26 May 2006 10:19:46 PM CDT
hey f4 u guys so totally rock with ya movies and music

From: queen & rosie fe  Sat 10 Jun 2006 02:17:39 AM CDT
grabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! mabuang me sa f4!!!! sana ipalabas sa tv ulit ung meteor garden pati ung reunion concert nf f4!!!! hayyyyy!!!!!!! wo ai ni f4!! esp. yan cheng xu!!!!!!! panguyaba me beh!!!!!

From: Su66amama  Wed 14 Jun 2006 08:51:07 PM CDT
VANESS WU...I LOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOU!!! Yah, that's all I got to say. but really, I love your voice the way you talk and your sense of humor...and style.

From: cuttie  Thu 15 Jun 2006 12:55:40 AM CDT
F4 the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: janis  Tue 20 Jun 2006 12:22:05 PM CDT

From: dharren  Sun 16 Jul 2006 08:42:38 PM CDT
Meteor Garden is the best,di naka2sawang ulitin,rewind plz........

From: houa  Sun 10 Sep 2006 03:48:16 PM CDT
wnat to see yuvic in real life please performin colorado i love vic soooooooooooo much i hope you know that and love everything about him!!!!!!!

From: Franchette or Che che Dagmang  Sun 15 Oct 2006 01:47:39 PM CDT
Jerry yan you are the best ans the cutest of them all. Say hi to your Mom=) and to F3 too=). Hope to see you all in person. Your #1 Fan Che-Che

From: f4 asian fan  Mon 16 Oct 2006 05:55:40 PM CDT
these taiwanese boys r so cute

From: F4lover  Fri 10 Nov 2006 09:25:12 AM CST
You guys are the best! Your acting is amazing and the plot is so sweet which makes it even better! Isn't is kinda weird to be talking to them though? I mean come on, what are the chances that they actually read this stuff!?! Anyway, I love you all... especially Jerry :)

From: bernadette  Tue 05 Dec 2006 07:08:45 AM CST
its so kilig movie this the movie in the taiwan barbie is very pretty hi f4 and sancaiand to everybody

From: tae muchacha  Tue 05 Dec 2006 07:18:46 AM CST
ang pangit ni michelle saram grabe byang pauso wala sa ayos tangina mo bulshit tarantado pacq

From: haina lover  Fri 16 Mar 2007 12:57:07 AM CDT
well..even there are many more that luv vic, they cannot compete my love towards him..hua hua hua.....

From: starlite  Thu 31 May 2007 01:37:45 PM CDT
luv f4 their the best..

From: big fan  Thu 07 Jun 2007 01:49:54 PM CDT
I must admit, i'm a meteor garden addict, been watching this over and over for more than three years now and crazy coz i'm not over it yet. I just loooove it!!

From: houa vang  Sat 09 Jun 2007 03:53:24 AM CDT
im a totally huge fan of this movie!! go f4!! i love all of them but i mostly love vic zhou the most cuz hes da hottest!! loving u guys soo much!!

From: ang gnda nga po mg meteor garden..... d nka2swng panuurin.... ang sarap ding ulit ulitin..... ang la  Tue 12 Jun 2007 07:22:35 AM CDT
wla lng po

From: mara  Tue 17 Jul 2007 01:58:45 PM CDT
sa next season bka ikasal na cla!!! woooooooh00000!!!!!!
[email protected]@p0T

From: jhoanne crisostomo  Fri 20 Jul 2007 09:18:52 PM CDT
ang cute tlagi ni lei

From: jamir  Mon 30 Jul 2007 06:22:18 AM CDT
i love you tlga f4! ang gagwapo nyo lht! lalo na c vaness! muwaahh! i love you tlga f4! sna mamit q kau!

From: ivy_jayjay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sun 12 Aug 2007 05:30:30 AM CDT
grabe ganda tlg ni sanchai pinagkakaguluhan at pinag aawayan xa nina jerry at vic!!!!!!1kilig to the max tlg!!!!!

From: caudine  Sat 18 Aug 2007 04:13:12 AM CDT
hayyyyy ang gnda nmn ng meteor garden

From: claudine  Sat 18 Aug 2007 04:14:24 AM CDT
hayyyyy ang gnda nmn ng meteor garden

From: chrissavert 17  Thu 23 Aug 2007 02:36:14 AM CDT
ang pogi tlga ng f4 srap panoorin!!! I LOVE F4 SI SAN CHAI nman ang gnda !!!!!!!!

From: ms.17  Thu 23 Aug 2007 02:43:47 AM CDT
i love meteor garden!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U ALL F4................

From: chrissavert 17  Thu 23 Aug 2007 02:46:27 AM CDT
ang pogi tlga ng f4 srap panoorin!!! I LOVE F4 SI SAN CHAI nman ang gnda !!!!!!!!

From: mr. 16  Fri 24 Aug 2007 01:27:21 AM CDT
ang gnda tlaga ni san chai..................

From: y3kgurl  Mon 27 Aug 2007 07:00:10 AM CDT
ang ganda talaga ng meteor garden!!!

From: jaslene126  Sat 01 Sep 2007 02:19:59 AM CDT
ang cute nyoh

From: norwhel love 23  Sat 01 Sep 2007 02:24:49 AM CDT
hi!!! ang gwapo nyo tlaga!!!

From: richel from phillipines!  Tue 04 Sep 2007 01:04:51 AM CDT
ang ganda talaga ng meteor garden! sana merong 3&4 hanggang 10.

From: claire ann  Mon 10 Sep 2007 01:31:49 AM CDT
hi ang gnda tlga ng movie na meteor garden... i luv you na tlga lei...

From: JOIE  Fri 21 Sep 2007 04:45:13 AM CDT

From: hanna   Mon 01 Oct 2007 07:47:40 AM CDT
kinikilig ako s f4 .. basta ang gusto ko c dao min su!! ahihhi

From: maya  Mon 01 Oct 2007 07:49:58 AM CDT
maya loves dao min su...

renz loves shan cai!!!

wlang kokontraaaaaaaa....

From: hanna   Mon 01 Oct 2007 07:50:46 AM CDT
basta ako sa mayaman

From: hanna   Mon 01 Oct 2007 07:51:43 AM CDT
wish ko sana dream boy ko siya

From: hanna   Wed 03 Oct 2007 10:19:01 PM CDT
sssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

From: beth  Sun 07 Oct 2007 03:31:25 AM CDT
gwapo tlga ni daoming zi
mahal na kita.,.

From: Maxim  Wed 10 Oct 2007 09:17:26 AM CDT
The Iraqi government says guards from US security firm Blackwater killed more people than previously thought.

From: mitch...  Sat 20 Oct 2007 11:44:42 PM CDT
i LovE metEor gArdEn..

From: grace  Fri 26 Oct 2007 12:16:51 AM CDT
dapat c yesha na lang ang naaksidente
kasi kawawa naman si San Chai

From: shorty  Thu 15 May 2008 10:04:22 PM CDT
wow this pic is so kool guys

From: [email protected]  Tue 19 Aug 2008 12:54:42 AM CDT
hello po musta na po kayu diyan ha ok langpo ba kayo diyan hahahaah ang cute po nu ni ley hahahaah and

From: [email protected]  Tue 19 Aug 2008 12:56:06 AM CDT
pangit na man ni [email protected]

From: mia  Mon 22 Dec 2008 08:36:37 PM CST
hi sana po ibalik ang palabas na meteor garden
ang ganda kc at nakaka kilig silang dalawa ni jerry

From: chivas  Sun 01 Aug 2010 05:28:29 AM CDT
ang ganda talaga nito..7years na ang lumipas pero ang ganda pa rin panuorin ng meteor garden...ang cute pa ni YESHA..!!!hehe..

Highlight for album: Meteor Garden 2 Press Conference Album: Meteor Garden 2 Press Conference
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Highlight for album: MG2 Episode 23 Album: MG2 Episode 23
Highlight for album: MG2 Episode 24 Album: MG2 Episode 24
Highlight for album: MG2 Episode 25 Album: MG2 Episode 25
Highlight for album: MG2 Episode 27 Album: MG2 Episode 27
Highlight for album: MG2 Episode 29 Album: MG2 Episode 29
Highlight for album: MG2 Episode 30 Album: MG2 Episode 30
Highlight for album: MG2 Outtakes Album: MG2 Outtakes
From: Cookie_Jay R 7  Thu 23 Oct 2003 03:11:09 AM CDT
they are so Beautiful tlga!! sana nandon din ako sa mga cast ng MG 2!!! maganda din sana ako katulad nila. they are the best buddies that I've ever seen and tlgang magaganda sila!!!

From: [email protected]  Fri 09 Jul 2004 09:19:16 AM CDT
I do agree with cookie jay r7 about them being beautiful and great buddies.

From: Y.B.F.  Sun 03 Apr 2005 10:59:25 PM CDT
I think Shan-Tsai and Ye-Sha make a GREAT Friendship Relationship, they're GREAT BFFz 2...


From: pretties!!!!!!  Wed 20 Apr 2005 10:25:28 AM CDT
:) hey! I think you two are the BOMB and are really pretty! Keep up the friendship!

From: ciara  Sun 05 Jun 2005 01:26:35 AM CDT
they should be bestfriends 4ever

From: lyka jane  Wed 17 Aug 2005 11:59:50 AM CDT
hmmmm ang bait ni san chai.....ganda talaga kakainlove ang meteor gareden sobra

From: from: umi cune  Sun 05 Mar 2006 07:41:17 PM CST
san chai and ye sha are very beautiful

From: Ferry Yan  Thu 09 Mar 2006 03:13:03 AM CST
I wait for the palabas ng Meteor Garden!!!
And F4 and Barbie Xu.
I Love You!!!

From: starlite  Thu 31 May 2007 01:44:12 PM CDT
ang ganda nila....
magkamukha kami hahha..
sana andyan maehh....

From: Roxy  Thu 06 Aug 2015 06:45:58 AM CDT
Fiynlla! This is just what I was looking for.

From: ria  Thu 09 Oct 2003 08:43:47 PM CDT

From: AS  Mon 31 Jan 2005 04:13:01 AM CST

From: Y.B.F.  Mon 04 Apr 2005 08:15:46 PM CDT
I think that Ye-Sha reminds me of, Shaio-Tze...but she has a wider face...but she's really is Shan-Tsai


From: lyka jane  Wed 17 Aug 2005 12:03:12 PM CDT
yeah they have lots of look alike but shaoi pretty thatn ye she

From: JJ  Fri 16 Feb 2007 10:10:37 PM CST
She looks scary to me

From: mArz  Tue 24 Jul 2007 02:30:26 AM CDT

i love san cai coz she's aggressive and demanding and most of all she's with Sz.
U cant change the fact that she's the leadn lady in this movie. yesha is just a accessory to twist & spice up the whole thing.
so shut up y'll!

From: Jashie  Sun 23 Nov 2003 02:18:26 PM CST
I love the way Michelle giggles :p It is so picture perfectly cute and it can actually melts one's heart! :p

From: azwa  Mon 08 Nov 2004 11:10:27 PM CST
very cute smile

From: kia thao  Tue 14 Dec 2004 10:08:56 AM CST
yesha has a cute laff...

From: Y.B.F.  Mon 04 Apr 2005 08:17:20 PM CDT
I think that Ye-Sha has a cute smile.

From: ye_sha797  Tue 19 Apr 2005 01:28:10 AM CDT
i like her smile... very cute..

From: yesha  Sat 17 Sep 2005 09:54:43 AM CDT
she is very photogenic the way she smiles alone can capure ones attention.i love u

From: JOJO  Wed 12 Oct 2005 08:00:11 AM CDT

From: from: adik comel  Sun 05 Mar 2006 07:37:51 PM CST
comelnya dia senyum. macam senyuman umi.

From: from: zu cun  Sun 05 Mar 2006 07:39:10 PM CST
dia senyum comel, tapi zun senyum lagi comel

From: widz  Wed 05 Apr 2006 03:37:07 AM CDT
senyum yang merangsang

From: JJ  Fri 16 Feb 2007 10:11:18 PM CST
I feel sorry for her. She is pretty if not for Ye Sha role, people would love her.

From: big fan  Thu 07 Jun 2007 01:54:24 PM CDT
pretty... giggly... cutey... lovely... coochy coo
i just love your face lucky girl

From: [email protected]  Tue 26 Aug 2003 02:43:27 AM CDT
ok..i know..she's it nice and beutyfulgirl.i like her...and san chai all so...

From: [email protected]  Mon 01 Sep 2003 02:43:41 AM CDT
She's so pretty.... how i wish i could be as beautiful as her!!!! love her smile and most especially, her hair!!!

From: [email protected]  Sun 12 Oct 2003 05:28:04 AM CDT
I love to see Michelle's face....I love her eyes, nose, lip and her teeth. I love her contour!!!

From: vee  Sat 02 Apr 2005 11:05:51 AM CST
she is so pretty/..also photogenic..i love seein her on screeen..and plus she got this cheerful looks..just beautiful michelle

From: ye_sha797  Tue 19 Apr 2005 01:25:30 AM CDT
i luv everything about diz gal!!!

From: DAB OTY INDOSAT JOGJA  Tue 31 Jan 2006 08:33:07 AM CST

From: jesyca ([email protected])  Sun 14 May 2006 10:40:12 AM CDT
beautiful lady...

From: mimi villaraso  Sun 25 Jun 2006 04:11:45 AM CDT
ayaw pag mug-ot dinha oi!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: mitch lapina  Tue 12 Jun 2007 01:29:26 AM CDT
eeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! nasayup ko!

From: [email protected]  Sat 03 Nov 2007 11:27:08 AM CDT
in English plzzz

From: [email protected]  Sat 14 Jul 2007 04:46:11 AM CDT
huy!!!pangit mo!!!mang aagaw!!!si san tsai lang ang para kay dao ming si!!!

From: [email protected]  Tue 08 Jun 2004 08:51:32 AM CDT
ih camedut aza yayang

From: just playin  Sun 24 Oct 2004 04:28:03 PM CDT
her reaction is like HUH? weird but really.......shocking in a good way

From: Y.B.F.  Mon 04 Apr 2005 08:19:49 PM CDT
He's not kidding you...he's behind you...turn around!!!

From: Y.B.F.  Mon 04 Apr 2005 08:21:15 PM CDT
She's so pertie...i lik her smile...she has nice teeth...

From: mimi  Sun 25 Jun 2006 04:12:40 AM CDT
amura man ka og lalaki oi!!!!

From: [email protected]  Sat 14 Jul 2007 04:47:20 AM CDT

From: i hate yesha  Tue 07 Aug 2007 04:00:03 AM CDT
well nothing i hate yesha'i like shan tsai

From: hey  Tue 21 Dec 2004 03:17:45 PM CST
wats wrong with that face ur not pretty n y more awwwww

From: yesha  Sun 10 Oct 2004 02:45:16 AM CDT
ang korni mo talaga grabe ka.pero in fearness maganda kaya type na kita...

From: AS  Mon 31 Jan 2005 04:25:05 AM CST

From: [email protected]  Thu 18 Mar 2004 06:21:51 PM CST
she's not beautiful but just pretty

From: [email protected]  Sat 11 Oct 2003 12:28:49 PM CDT

From: Francesca  Tue 25 May 2004 09:47:07 AM CDT

From: AS  Mon 31 Jan 2005 04:26:35 AM CST

From: zaki dari winggundam111 again  Thu 24 Feb 2005 11:04:29 AM CST
no irene? michelle is a angel! san chai is very ugly! can u see this pretty women? huh?

From: kiwi  Sun 27 Feb 2005 02:07:36 PM CST
y ish there so manie pic of her?!!1

From: mande  Fri 14 Oct 2005 06:45:08 AM CDT
Isn't there any picture of San Chai and DMS together?

From: ungu  Fri 24 Mar 2006 03:21:44 AM CST
shan cai

she is easily get angry ... so emotional n sinical

yesha ... her patient and change DMS in to a nice man. When He was with shancai ... he was easily get angry also ...but not anymore since yesha is around him..

see ...

From: [email protected]  Thu 11 Sep 2003 03:04:05 AM CDT
they are both beautiful and i really like them. im genace from phils.

From: [email protected]  Wed 18 Feb 2004 04:23:22 PM CST
I'm sorry but i really like shan-cai and i can not stand Dau Ming Si being with someone else-specailly in love-- it's killing me.. please have Dau Ming Si and Shan-cai together on part 3.. i beg! please make us customer happy!

From: Francesca  Tue 25 May 2004 09:44:22 AM CDT
i agree with pennyvang.

From: griffindoor  Mon 22 Nov 2004 10:51:03 PM CST

From: AS  Mon 31 Jan 2005 04:17:42 AM CST

From: Y.B.F.  Mon 04 Apr 2005 08:29:06 PM CDT
I lke how they met...

From: starlite  Thu 31 May 2007 01:45:32 PM CDT
ang gand talaga nila.....

From: asz  Sat 14 Jul 2007 04:49:36 AM CDT
hnd!!!c san tsai lang

From: shadow  Tue 16 Nov 2004 09:53:18 PM CST
Every time i see those ice things they're eating...i always say to myself " I WANT SOME!" they look so good and fun to eat;)

From: jukiwiki  Sat 26 Feb 2005 08:29:54 PM CST
yum..yum..i want to try their strawberry or cherry icecream:) Michelle and Shan Cai are friends?

From: strawberry ice  Mon 05 Sep 2005 06:51:41 PM CDT
this is what i was looking for. does anyone know the name of this place? also recipe for this ice dessert? looks soooo good!

From: Jeanda Pepito  Mon 21 Feb 2005 08:01:28 PM CST
when we can see the meteor garden III (3) here in the philippines in ABS-CBN.I am so excited.hope it will be soon.Pleaseeeeee

From: Jeanda Pepito  Mon 21 Feb 2005 08:16:53 PM CST
Kailan pa magkakaroon ng concert ang F4 here in philippines again

From: vikki  Fri 11 Mar 2005 01:42:01 AM CST
der is meteor garden 3? isnt der onli 1 & 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: honey  Sun 10 Apr 2005 04:19:26 PM CDT
ye sha doesn't really fit with dao but as long as ye sha has better characteristic than shancai,and as long as i see dao laugh then i'm happy to death, he such a hottie pie, i wish he could be my husband and i can call him baby or honey hehehe well wish to meet him some day

From: honey  Sun 10 Apr 2005 04:24:50 PM CDT
forgot one baby is only 28 so i still might have a chance right hehehe i don't know but lets hope so. who cares if he is old as long as he loves me to the end and fix or talk and solve problems together than i don't care what age he is, oh when i say baby i ment jerry or dao

From: Ketchen  Fri 10 Feb 2006 07:09:04 PM CST
its so funny. my boyfriends is jealous with jerry. there's no mg3! if there is i WOUld have known. lol.

From: jane  Tue 07 Oct 2003 03:09:11 AM CDT
she\'s beautiful

From: margaret  Sun 23 May 2004 01:54:05 PM CDT
EWW she isnt wearing anything! blah you call that INNOCENT??? yeah whoever mandy is.. yeah i agree with you

From: shadow  Tue 16 Nov 2004 09:54:32 PM CST
whoa! i don't remember THAT being in the movie...

From: june yen  Sun 05 Dec 2004 07:04:45 PM CST
you look'l make an great actress.

From: Y.B.F.  Mon 04 Apr 2005 08:32:05 PM CDT
I do agree with Mandy...and Marageret...(don't no if i spelt that rite?)

From: M.Y.O.B  Thu 30 Jun 2005 06:49:57 PM CDT
shian xia is bter with quo ming xi
but she's niec 2 tke kar qou ming xi

From: pisces  Tue 01 Feb 2005 01:42:34 AM CST
she looks very angry to sameone[i think dao ming feng]

From: lilo yangsta  Tue 07 Jun 2005 07:25:09 PM CDT
Yesha looks mad AT DAU MING FENG!!! she looks funny.

From: dariepasco  Mon 22 Aug 2005 05:15:25 PM CDT
i don't like her character YeSha...because she's stealing Dao Ming Si away from Shan Cai. But i think she's very pretty

From: no one  Sun 18 Sep 2005 01:54:39 PM CDT
I really hate her. It's her fault that dao ming has amnesia.

From: baby phat  Wed 02 Nov 2005 06:12:29 PM CST
I dont like Yesha because she's stealing Shan Tsai's boyfriend how rude,,,but she's pretty and all but i dont like her part.. i like shan tsai and Dao ming sz....

From: My style  Sun 20 Nov 2005 11:57:13 PM CST
If you want someone else get him. Don't let yourself loose without a try....

From: andrea  Mon 21 Nov 2005 07:36:45 AM CST
she is also beautiful but the best is barbie xu

From: Yvonne  Wed 28 Dec 2005 06:09:49 AM CST
its juz a show

From: Ferry Yan  Thu 09 Mar 2006 02:51:23 AM CST
I Love so very much Jerry Yan!!!
He is so Very handsome and cute!
I like his dimples and his smile...

From: Ferry Yan  Thu 09 Mar 2006 02:55:14 AM CST
Sana magbalik pa ulit ang Meteor Garden at
Magkaroon pa sila ng maraming movies and series!
At magroon ulit sila ng Concert ang mga F4 dito sa Philippines.
Namimis ko na sila masyado Eh!!!

From: lei  Sat 14 Jul 2007 04:50:46 AM CDT
omg!!!she has no dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: portabella  Thu 13 May 2004 10:43:32 AM CDT
this scene with dao ming si was very adorable.

From: griffindoor  Mon 22 Nov 2004 10:56:37 PM CST
i think if michelle is not the one who played ye sha in MG2 then the sequel would not be good

From: enna cute  Thu 23 Dec 2004 12:34:37 AM CST
thanks god i found you.......i was lost without you.....

From: shierlien  Mon 05 Sep 2005 04:31:21 AM CDT
oi!!!!!!!!!GANDA MO!!!!!!!

From: Yncess  Sat 17 Sep 2005 08:29:58 PM CDT
sobrang ganda nya

From: stacey  Sun 18 Dec 2005 04:08:02 AM CST
kamu sgt cantik dan manis,nggak ngebosenin liat wajahmu. Sukses ya...kapn ke Indonesia??? stacey tunggu film barumu ya...See you

From: greenaym  Tue 27 Dec 2005 11:42:15 PM CST
how adorable is she..

From: christy   Fri 25 May 2007 10:44:34 AM CDT
happy aq kc ba2lik na meteor garden maki2ta q na ulit c jerry yan miz q n cla.........

From: chin  Tue 06 Jan 2009 09:28:40 AM CST
she is very beautiful!!!

From: girltech  Mon 25 Aug 2003 05:08:28 AM CDT
their are so cute

From: syk  Fri 12 Sep 2003 07:59:36 AM CDT
The true Sleeping Beauty!

From: sleep beauty???   Wed 18 Feb 2004 04:27:21 PM CST
it's more like too lazy! she sleeps everywhere through all these pictures!
i like Dau ming si though..he's hot--he looks better with Shan-cai

From: portabella  Thu 13 May 2004 10:48:24 AM CDT
i'm glad that there is a yesha in mg2 .. coz .. yesha breathe a sense of reality into the sequel.

portabella, you're really wrong...don't you know that the ratings of mg2 became lower and lower in Taiwan and here in the Philippines because of the character of Ye sha in mg2!!!

From: portabella  Sat 16 Oct 2004 08:09:28 AM CDT
"long live yesha!!!"

From: shadow  Tue 16 Nov 2004 09:56:07 PM CST
stay off shan cai's man!! he is so shan cai's...

From: griffindoor  Mon 22 Nov 2004 10:54:08 PM CST
i guess then the taiwanese should learn how to think and accept things wisely

From: thao_gurl414  Mon 27 Dec 2004 12:40:44 PM CST
ur right !they do look cute also romantic!

From: shatty  Fri 07 Jan 2005 02:21:52 PM CST
damh...barbie and jerry make better sad...but if barbie and jerry then wjose there for sad....the best movies ever....damh...yesha gottah find someone else...or so...cause jerry is so barbie....or MINE...ha ha..

From: f4's gurl  Fri 07 Jan 2005 02:27:54 PM CST
yah that's ma man there with ye sha..jealousy hea..shoo..i shoulda ask the director to let me be in this movie with him..but still i feel sorry for vic..for not being w/ jing or shan cai, jerry better not make me jealous again in part 2..hopes it's better than part 1..bai

From: meteor fan  Sat 22 Oct 2005 05:51:25 PM CDT
I dont think dao ming sz should be with this girl because they dont look god's better with SHan tsai.And SHan Tsai really loves Dau ming sz.....I feel sorrie for dau ming sz and shan tsai..( MAn why did this have to happen..geesh)
well sorrie

From: thao_gurl414  Mon 27 Dec 2004 12:44:44 PM CST
she`s so cute when she sleeps!

From: ye_sha797  Tue 19 Apr 2005 01:23:02 AM CDT
comelnyer dia.... very cute..

From: [email protected]  Thu 02 Oct 2003 08:50:01 PM CDT're so beautiful but it's not your fate to be with dao ming sz...

From: DmsLOVEYeSha  Sun 19 Oct 2003 12:22:37 AM CDT
You ain't sure about that! San Chai is for Lei and Ye Sha is for Dao Ming Si!And that's it...

From: Francesca  Tue 25 May 2004 09:35:07 AM CDT
you're the one who ain't sure DmsLOVEYeSha!!!!!! [email protected] is right!!!i'm sure you haven't watch mg1 and mg2!!!! you suck!!!!!!!

From: aika  Fri 23 Jul 2004 03:28:38 AM CDT
lol! so mean...HaHa! but, ye sha is pretty very pretty. but, honestly i believe dao and shan tsai should be together..well they turn out actually getting married and having kids..dats in part III hehehe :p i finished the season haha! :p (mg1 & 2 )

From: shadow  Tue 16 Nov 2004 09:57:31 PM CST
i think the pics awesome..but then i have the dilemma of thinking " should shan cai be with lei, or dao ming shi?"...

From: thao_gurl414  Mon 27 Dec 2004 12:47:06 PM CST
ur right DmsLOVEYeSha!

From: Lilo_devil  Wed 23 Mar 2005 06:17:35 PM CST
Honestly you are pretty I must admit.In some occasion you're just strangely beatiful.

From: Y.B.F.  Mon 04 Apr 2005 08:39:17 PM CDT
Watever DmsLOVEYesha, thao_gurl414, and Lilo_devil, i agree with outcry03, francesca, and aika...

From: [email protected]  Wed 31 Aug 2005 08:05:18 PM CDT

From: ungu  Fri 24 Mar 2006 03:34:10 AM CST
MG 3..
DMS finaly realize that he cannot forget yesha who is the one he love and turned him in to a patient man. With Shancai .... seems that he want to fight everyday.
Shancai is no longer turn in to her mom's style.
Finally DMS and Yesha live happily ever after.
the end

From: LINXIS  Tue 01 Feb 2005 02:38:13 PM CST
hey yesha you are really cute and pretty please don't cry

From: zHANG qI tONG  Sat 12 Feb 2005 02:53:31 AM CST

From: Y.B.F.  Mon 04 Apr 2005 08:41:11 PM CDT
I do think that she is pertie, but Shan-Tsai deserves DMS...sorry Ye-Sha...

From: honey  Tue 03 May 2005 03:13:08 PM CDT
you know what, y'all are retards
cause come 2 think of it she's not that pretty compare to that other girl shancai is that her name..

From: lilo yangsta  Tue 07 Jun 2005 07:26:46 PM CDT
Yesha isn't that purdy and her fake laugh. Shan tsai looks better.

From: haha  Sat 21 Oct 2006 08:10:28 PM CDT
yesha is the third wheel.

From: helen  Tue 01 Nov 2005 07:37:38 PM CST
YOU DON"T BELONG TO DAO MING SZ....Sorrie everyone i just think that she doesn't belong to Dao ming sz and Dao Ming Sz belongs to San Cai....That's just what I think...

From: ungu  Fri 24 Mar 2006 03:36:10 AM CST
yeah ...
it will be in MG3
DMS and yesha live happily ever after

From: Azngurl  Sat 21 Oct 2006 08:08:34 PM CDT
what?!?!? theres gonna be another MG coming out??
chyea i think san cai and jerry should definiety go together.
ye sha can be the third wheel.

From: shadow  Tue 16 Nov 2004 09:59:00 PM CST
too many ye sha, not enough shan cai!

From: shadow  Thu 16 Dec 2004 04:25:03 PM CST
hehee...i know. but almost in general, like in the movie. though that i do not complain about, because the story is revolved around her and daomingshi. :P

From: mitch  Tue 12 Jun 2007 01:31:06 AM CDT
eeeeeeeee!!!!! stop it!

From: [email protected]  Tue 30 Sep 2003 10:27:10 PM CDT
She look so nice!!!!

From: gie malabag  Mon 04 Oct 2004 09:56:59 PM CDT
she's beautiful girl!!!! i like you michelle that's why i'll put ur picture in my friendster.... just watch michelle's movie always.... i love you!!!

From: HEY  Tue 01 Feb 2005 02:36:05 PM CST

From: YE_SHA797  Mon 24 Oct 2005 10:25:46 AM CDT

From: yina   Sun 05 Feb 2006 06:54:30 AM CST
(sun/2/5/06.hey yesha,how do you? think youre so
beautiful! i am one of your fan... yina

From: mitch  Tue 12 Jun 2007 01:33:19 AM CDT
hey girl yesha! i beleive that's my face! you barrowed lastnight! now can you return it back to m? i need it.

From: hgwiuaf  Sat 14 Jul 2007 04:52:33 AM CDT
ur so ugly!!!!

From: hgwiuaf  Sat 14 Jul 2007 04:52:44 AM CDT
ur so ugly

From: TINA  Sun 24 Aug 2003 02:11:45 AM CDT
she was pretty and talented but her part in meteor garden 2 does not suit her personality or she was never given a nice parton that film

From: hapi mt.  Wed 05 Nov 2003 04:14:15 AM CST
i really like ye sha and i like sancai, too. i accept the fact that sancai will go with ah si and not with lei even though it hurts. but i hope that people will not hate ye sha too much.

From: f4'z Gurl_adviser  Mon 04 Apr 2005 08:44:11 PM CDT
I think that Ye-Sha is really Prettie, and good at drawing...but Shan-Tsai deserves DMS...

From: mitch  Tue 12 Jun 2007 01:36:41 AM CDT
you got it guys! yesha is a friendly person, and the most thing that i like her is she's not selfish! same with san-chai she's cute! thier both deserving.

From: kasenaman!  Sat 11 Aug 2007 02:35:21 PM CDT
ye sha is the reason why the series was good enough to watch.accepted is the fact that it was DMS & SC's roles that captured our heart,but it would not be worth the sacrifice if it wasn't for ye sha.she played a very good part.

From: angel yaj  Mon 27 Dec 2004 12:55:09 PM CST
o mah gosh she look so purtty!!!but wat i am trying tooh find outta ish wat ish she doing?tat ish wat i want tooh noe...

From: mitch  Tue 12 Jun 2007 01:38:16 AM CDT
eehhhhhh......... whose your teacher? correct your gramar dude!

From: vjgfr  Sat 14 Jul 2007 04:53:25 AM CDT
she's just pretty UGLY!!!!!

From: [email protected]  Fri 05 Sep 2003 08:54:44 PM CDT
they really look good together!!

From: hapi mt.  Wed 05 Nov 2003 03:07:26 AM CST
meteor garden 2 is not yet finish here in the philippines but it will be.. on friday-- november 8, 2003. i already know the ending and i was dissaponted about it. i wanted lei to have sancai because he has sacrificed a lot.. and ye sha and ah si are more compatible because ye sha would be able to control ah si, unlike sancai.. but i understand that majority of the masses who watch this drama prefers the ah si-sancai love team and of course, this is after all a barbie and jerry show, that's why i have now accepted the reality that lei wouldn't have sancai, but i hope they didn't let lei fall for sancai in the story so he would not be sad and hurt.

From: Cathryn  Thu 11 Dec 2003 10:19:49 AM CST
The story should have ended with Dao and Yesha together and Lei and Sancia falling in love. It would have been more realistic.

From: yes they look good together but hello this whole meteor garden thing is about Dau Ming Si and Shan-Cai--HAVE DAU MING SI AND YA-SHA DO ANOTHER MOVIE OR SOMETHING--BUT NOT THIS MOVIE  Wed 18 Feb 2004 04:58:50 PM CST
i think Dau Ming Si and Shan-cai should definetly be with each other.. yes all the suffering and all the sh!!t that they went through... c'mon now Ye-sha just came out of nowhere and saying she's in love...that's not love...can't compare his love to Shan-cai..........

From: rovelyn from philipines  Wed 10 Mar 2004 03:55:41 AM CST
hello you know what jerry your so very very handsome

From: piangz  Mon 19 Apr 2004 12:56:23 AM CDT
dao ming and ye sha looked better together. i hope to have a bright and sunny gf like ye sha. pls go away barbie

From: F4 4EVA!  Wed 21 Apr 2004 04:01:57 AM CDT
I prefer shancai wif him..

From: portabella  Tue 11 May 2004 12:24:11 PM CDT
again .. i have to agree with cathryn that the ending should have been -- dao ming si with yesha .. and .. lei with san cai .. dao ming si's more man when with yesha .. but .. with san cai .. he's like a kid .. i don't know .. that's how i see it .. in fact i like the new dao ming si in mg2 .. he learnt to take responsibility by getting a job .. and with yesha patiently helping him .. that's what made it beautiful!

From: margaret  Sun 23 May 2004 01:49:41 PM CDT
yeah.. i think portabella and cathryn are right.. =P

From: Francesca  Tue 25 May 2004 09:28:07 AM CDT
portabelle, cathryn and margaret SUCKS!!! didn't you watch meteor garden 1!!!!HELLLOOOO!!!! DAO MING SI is for SHAN TSAI!!!

From: portabella  Mon 02 Aug 2004 08:38:02 AM CDT
francesca .. if you think dao ming si is for shan cai .. so be it! .. but .. for cry out loud .. one man's meat is another man's poison! .. SO .. learn to respect other peoples' views!!?? .. the ones who 'suck' here are myopic people like YOU!!! .. you can't even spell my name properly .. it's portabella .. and .. not portabelle!!! .. please be tactful with your choice of words in future .. thank you!

From: portabella and who ever think that dao ming si with yesha at the end should get a life?!  Sat 09 Oct 2004 08:01:58 PM CDT
dao ming si is always belong to san cai...what in hell could it be yesha...michelle juz think that she's all that and wanna come in between jerry and barbie...i think who ever this portabella should re-watch all the scene over and over and over and over............................................

From: portabella  Sat 16 Oct 2004 07:56:24 AM CDT
to this person directly above (nameless i'm afraid) .. you can't even write proper english let alone in understanding the views of others .. "get a life" you say? .. you don't even know the meaning!!! .. i suggest you 'brush up' on your english before replying to any of my comments.

From: griffidoor  Sun 24 Oct 2004 10:22:50 PM CDT
sorry,i guess it was too much,huh?

From: griffidoor  Sun 24 Oct 2004 10:22:58 PM CDT
sorry,i guess it was too much,huh?

From: glo  Wed 27 Oct 2004 01:57:08 AM CDT
anyway, i agreed with bao fang because sancai and ah si should be together since they were in love for forever. after what had happened to them in Meteor Garden I, i think they should be together at last. however, i hate to see lei like this..

From: shadow  Tue 16 Nov 2004 10:03:23 PM CST
idk..i mean, shan cai and lei are SO cute...and lei really did do a lot for her. dao ming shi and ye sha have similar personalities...i guess. but since i watched the mg's...i say that shan cai should be with dao ming shi, but Lei shouldn't have been hurt like that:(

From: [email protected]  Wed 17 Nov 2004 09:52:33 PM CST
i think the ending MG is yesha with dms not sanchai with dms.
coz as we already know,since early sanchai don't like dms but she like not fair to dms...
so for director i hope soon mg we can see happy ending..YESHA WITH DAOMING SHI

From: shadow  Thu 18 Nov 2004 03:01:12 PM CST
no!! shan cai should be with dao ming shi! but, yeah, i guess if ye sha ended up being with him instead, i wouldn't be THAT mad...then shan cai could go with lei :)

From: f4'z_gurladvizer  Mon 04 Apr 2005 08:49:53 PM CDT
You got that rite bao vang,F4 4EVA!, Francesca, and shadow... watever portabella... you are SUPER wrong!!!!

From: hyee  Sat 30 Apr 2005 11:06:33 PM CDT
omg..pleasee dont ruin this forum..if u're antimichelle then keep it to urself..gee dont need to show us ur ahh feelin..anyway..they are cute together..

From: laila  Sat 30 Apr 2005 11:07:33 PM CDT
omg..if u're antimichelle..then keep feelin to urself..dont need to come here to ruin this beautiful forum gee..anywasy..they are kute together..

From: xia  Sun 08 May 2005 02:16:20 PM CDT
i loveit

From: flowerle3333  Mon 13 Jun 2005 04:36:31 PM CDT
Shancai goes wit dao much better than yesha. They belonged together in MGI and belong together in MGII Shancia and Dao 4eva

From: dariepasco  Mon 22 Aug 2005 05:20:10 PM CDT
urrgghhh! eww they DO NOT look good together. i prefer Jerry and Barbie...accually in real life i think they should hook up =D...BUT AYWAYS...yeah i like how mg2 ended with Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai. that's the way it should be. Lei is more of a friend kind of guy in this soap.

From: Im_2_kute_4_yue  Tue 04 Oct 2005 08:19:25 AM CDT
Gooooooddd im so mad that Doming_shi lost is memory it completely ruined everything. But Im glad that lei and shancai are back together almost that is. That girl who took care of Doming_shi shes not that pretty and her laugh is so annoying. (not to be mean)

From: Ketchen  Fri 10 Feb 2006 07:06:47 PM CST
yes. i will make mgIII and jerry would end up with michelle. hehe.

From: shancai and lei 4eva  Wed 06 Dec 2006 09:59:30 PM CST
omg its supposed to be shancai and lei!!!!!!

From: mitch  Tue 12 Jun 2007 01:45:30 AM CDT
eeehhhhhhh............. my head would ganna blow with your commint! hehehe

From: kaila  Sun 14 Mar 2004 06:19:15 AM CST
can you please translate what they just said.. somebody?? can somebody translate it...

From: Giem luvs...CHINO  Tue 14 Mar 2006 07:24:15 PM CST
They don't luk good 2gether....i lyk sancai better..=)

From: CHINO is a CUTIE  Tue 14 Mar 2006 07:25:19 PM CST
I luv Dao ming Si...he's sooooooooooooo HOT!!!

From: Dao Ming Si  Thu 20 Jul 2006 02:20:11 PM CDT
is soooooooooo damn hot!!!

From: Nancy  Sat 29 Jul 2006 11:36:20 AM CDT
"my family is the richest one in TaiWan,"he said.
"don't pull my leg,"mishelle said.
my English is poor,forgive me.

From: mitch  Tue 12 Jun 2007 01:47:23 AM CDT
really? i don't see that!

From: [email protected]  Mon 15 Sep 2003 03:43:20 AM CDT
San cai sana kayo ang katoloyan ni dao.I LOV U


From: christina  Fri 19 Sep 2003 01:30:45 AM CDT
it is that michelle is beautiful but i comment that jerry and michelle was not compatible wth each other.

From: kim  Fri 19 Sep 2003 01:33:40 AM CDT
the cute jerry is for barbie!!!

From: Michelle  Sun 21 Sep 2003 08:36:06 PM CDT
I luv Barbie, Jerry n Michelle. si Shan Cai at Dao-ming-si r a gud couple. But Ye Sha n Dao r gud too but it definitly has to be Shan Cai at Dao. ;)

From: jeri  Mon 22 Sep 2003 09:54:09 PM CDT
Jerry Yan is lovable. He's so cute! And Barbie and Michelle is pretty. So, anyone of them is compatible with Xiao Bai Tu (Jerry Yan).

From: [email protected]/philippines  Tue 23 Sep 2003 06:39:02 AM CDT
Michelle is a beautiful girl but Barbie and Jerry was more compatible.i loe them as a love team.keep up the god work. we all love u Barbie and Jerry

From: CN  Sat 04 Oct 2003 09:50:10 PM CDT

From: raytzel  Fri 10 Oct 2003 06:22:01 AM CDT
I agree with what CN said.. besides, i think that jerry has more chemistry with michelle than of barbie.. both jerry and michelle have really a superstar appeal and both classy... barbie is cute and a good actress though.. i already watchd the entire mg2 nd i'm kinda pissed off with the ending but oh well! after all it's a daomingsi & shan cai show... i hope there'll be another project for jerry and michelle...or a won bin (andrew of endless love) and michelle project. d*mn that'll be awesome... luv u all! peace! :)

From: [email protected]  Sat 01 Nov 2003 04:34:02 AM CST
andrea,CN and raytzel are right!!! i am really affected when i learned that lei won't have sancai after all. i think lei really deserves sancai.. his sufferings and pains are more than what ah xing suffered. i like lei a lot. but come to think of it, if sancai was with lei then ah si would not be able to move on. at least lei could.

From: ranie  Sun 02 Nov 2003 05:32:24 PM CST
i don't know why people think that jerry and michelle are more compatible.daoming shi almost died because of ye sha.oh well..i'm still happy 'bout the ending though.:)

From: Spark  Tue 04 Nov 2003 02:41:07 AM CST
MG2's ending did little justice to the wonderful, incredibly beautiful talent that is Michelle Saram. I found the ending so predictable, moreover blandly forced, as if to put significance to the rings' symbolism. Shan Cai should have just ended up with Lei and Dao Ming Si with Ye Sha (heck, they look so good together, compared to DMS & Shan Cai). The chemistry ain't love-hate either. They could have made the ending so much better.

From: [email protected]  Wed 26 Nov 2003 11:14:13 PM CST
well guys you mess the point you cant blame shan tsai for hating dms sometimes its just because she realize sometimes what dms do to her and to other people back then at ying de but still we all can see that shan tsai is starting to develop falling in love with dao ming si because she finally realize that his not that bad he might be that arrogant jerk at the first place she knoes him but when wen she starting to knoe him better she found out that he was that sweet prince of her. and i knoe its kinda messed up when she and lei are going out even though the they both knoe that dao ming si has a true feeling for shan tsai but dont judges her because of that cuz now now she finally realize that the one she love is dao ming si not lei michelle might be pretty and all but still i like barbie and jerry to be together because they share a lot of passionet romance together and thats great and especially they look cute together isnt a great couple wat a soul mate guys dont be hater because they end up together just accept the fact that they look better than th rest

From: [email protected]  Mon 08 Dec 2003 11:31:42 PM CST
All's well that ends well. It ended well for the original partners, Daoming Si and Shancai and so the fans are very happy. It's just so sad that they had to add an adorable character played by the beautiful Michelle Saram. She did so good that other viewers/fans hated her for having gotten the attention of other viewers (more open minded and level headed viewers). Come to think of it, if Michelle were just some ugly, lousy actress, then MG2 would not be that interesting! Thanks to Michelle for giving life to Meteor Garden 2! She's a better actress, she's classy, she's witty and very talented and oh how I love the way she laughs! Mind you, she is really an artist in real life. She can even be real princess! More power to Michelle and Mabuhay! I hope to see more of your films in the Philippines. I hope you get paired with Jerry Yan again and this time its your love story from start to finish!

From: Cathryn  Thu 11 Dec 2003 10:35:16 AM CST
I hope the producers would be aware that there are many viewers who would like to see Jerry and Michelle in another project..a romantic film where they are the lead stars...

From: dana  Mon 15 Dec 2003 12:26:00 PM CST
this picture is really beautiful. well, like you all said sometimes, dao ming si is more compatible with ye sha.but, i think san chai deserve 2 get dao ming si.although lei trying 2 b a gooood guy. and i love hua ze lei very much!!!!

From: hold on  Sat 27 Dec 2003 12:39:10 PM CST
well, i think shan cai and dao ming si is a sweet couple.they just like meant to be together.but outside they are not good to each other.i hope it is not true. i hope that there will be meteor garden 3 and they can be afriend again.michelle is great but jerry and barbie is more compitable.i love them very much.if there is mg 3 of corse i am the first one bought you [jerry , barbie]

From: mandy  Tue 30 Dec 2003 02:18:47 PM CST
i think that dms should b w/ shan cai. they look SOO much cuter together! no offense to ppl who like michelle but her face shape just bugs me! i mean she's really pretty and everything but her face shape doesn't go with her features!

From: kat kat  Wed 07 Jan 2004 10:13:24 AM CST
i think dat barbie and jerry would fit in tgeder and michelle has a vry nice look but she\'ll not fit in to dao! but i agree most of the grls dat jerry yan was a goodlooking guy!!!!! >girl power<

From: kate!  Wed 07 Jan 2004 10:19:10 AM CST
i beliv dat barbie and jerry was a great couple!and for michelle.... she's preety too. but i think dey >dao&michelle< were not compatible to each oder! dao.. ur rily handsome! and 4 barbie... u rily hav a great lookz

From: liza  Mon 12 Jan 2004 05:39:46 AM CST
ang cute mo dao....GRAVE! MABULBUL K KAYA? hehe! joke! nway.... i lyk ur love team! seloz ako! :(
barbie ang gnda mo tlg pro xempre mas mgnda ako! hehe.....

From: jen  Thu 15 Jan 2004 01:20:21 PM CST
i agree with those of you who commented that Sanchai and Lei should have been the ones who ended up together. Sanchai deserves Lei and vice versa. i was really disappointed on how MG 2 ended. don't get me wrong. i believe in true love which i also can say Lei has for Sanchai. had Lei fought for his love and did not throw away the "fate" that love gave them (remember that Sanchai was already assigned to the Japanese tour group which means more time in Japan with Lei), i believe he and Sanchai can be together. i really wish that the the writers of MG 3 or other movie producers can make a movie about Lei and Sanchai's love. and i must also say, Yesha and Asi look good together. yes, they are more compatible. so with Lei and Sanchai of course.

From: i don\'t have any problem with Yasha and Dau Ming Si being together but not this drama--meteor garden is about Dau Ming Si and Shan-Cai only--  Wed 18 Feb 2004 04:47:02 PM CST
even now, that everyone is thinking that daumingsi and ya-sha should be together because yeah who says she\'s not pretty\'ya know\'..but c\'mon now, this whole part 1 thing it\'s all about dau-ming-si and shan-cai..and how they try so hard to be together and went through everything together-- dau-ming-si and shan-cai should be together--how they gonna change the whole story and put a different chick in least don\'t ruin this movie for us..or for me... shoo why can Dau Ming si and yasha just do another movie with her or something--

From: [email protected]  Sat 20 Mar 2004 12:20:39 AM CST
michelle was so very beautiful!!!!!!!!also barbie.........but i love more michelle.I want to be her boyfriend!!!!!!!!!shocks!!!!!!!

From: anonymus  Thu 01 Apr 2004 01:53:14 AM CST
michelle sram so extra ! wat for ask her in this show !

From: ZErDy  Sun 11 Apr 2004 05:01:22 PM CDT
I think shancai and dao should be together because of all their love and their memories.. but for yesha she isn't meant for him, but she was meant for the amesia dao only. If dao wouldn't meet shancai, yesha and dao would make a great couple!! I feel so bad for yesha...that's my opinion..

From: [email protected]  Mon 03 May 2004 11:16:54 AM CDT
i think that barbie and vic should be together because they make a better couple and they're soooo cute together!...they deserve eachother!!DMS is sooo ugly, and he deserves Yesha!! SHACAI AND LEI RULES!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!

From: Shandaosi  Fri 07 May 2004 06:30:55 PM CDT
Dude. Ah Si and Shan Cai alllll the way. Yesha and Ah Si? I can't see them together. AT ALL.

From: portabella  Tue 11 May 2004 12:10:36 PM CDT
i agree with cathryn that there are many viewers who would like to see jerry and michelle in a new project series .. i want the producers/directors to know that there are many out there who are pro-yesha in mg2 .. thank you for not 'killing' off the character of yesha .. coz .. if there is ever another mg3 which i doubt .. please include our beloved yesha .. she is now a part of the team!!!

From: [email protected]  Mon 24 May 2004 03:07:01 AM CDT
I like dao min si because he defend his lover ( San Chai ) even she loved another man ( Hua Je Lei ) but he tried to get her with all the patient, suffer and the tears, so it's better if you just with San Chai.

From: Francesca  Tue 25 May 2004 09:20:10 AM CDT
The ones who commented michelle and jerry are cute together REALLY REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

From: DAO MING SI AND SHAN CAI F4EVER  Sun 04 Jul 2004 01:57:58 AM CDT
I watched the whole show and I believe it should be DMS and SC. For DMS (and SC) to have gone thru so much to be what they are and have sum other chick come into the picture is a DISAPPOINTMENT. DMS was a belligerent, selfish, disrespectful university brat and his character grew into sum1 who learned how to luv not only himself but others as well, particularly SC. He learned how 2 care about other ppl and not only worry about his own needs. Shan Cai helped him go thru this miraculous change. She made him bettr person, despite the bitter surroundings that possesses him.SC taught him how to live life to its fullest and realize life isnt always about money n glory which was how he was brought up. This is why they're DEFINETELY meant 2 be.
Ye Sha on the other hand was a nice "twist" to the storys plot. Sure she was nice, pretty, "classy" and helped DMS get thru life, but did she really change him? He was more tamed less violent with her but that's only coz he himself did not know who he was. Wut him and YS had was a bro-sis relationship. DMS in my opinion confused friendship with romance. YS helped him discover who he was but SC helped him DEVELOP his characteristics when he actually knew himself. In my opinion THe MG story is made for DMS and SC's romance. Sure many ppl support DMS AND YS but you gotta admit the majority of us MG viewers would be crushed if it were DMS and YS in the end. As for Lei he was in luv wit SC but hes the type of person able to move on and chose friendship over than a relationship wit a gurl so I dont think he worked as hard as DMS to deserve SC.

From: Myy Namee is @nNi3  Fri 09 Jul 2004 09:13:59 AM CDT
In my opinion, I thought Lei and San Cai made a cute couple, but since they couldn't be one, I thought that Dao Ming Si and San Cai made another great couple. Dao Ming Si and Ye Sha is a great couple too, but it seems like and feels like that Ye Sha is just in the way of the lovers, Dao Ming Si and San Cai.

From: [email protected]  Sat 07 Aug 2004 10:19:21 PM CDT
DMS AND SC SHOULD BE TOGATHER....i gree to what some people say that shan cia and dao ming si should be togather because of what they have been through in MG1. The LOVE they share and the hard time they been fight for their love..i don't know why there should be MG2..and i don't know why there should be any other girl involve.....there's not point of ye sha being in the movie...dao ming si and shan cia are a good and cute sha is pertty and cute too...but shan cia and dao ming shi are still the two love bird......i really like the ending in MG2...but i don't how they show to much part of ye sha and dao ming shi...they should more part of DMS and SC...because they are the main character in the store...i would like to see more movie of DMS and SC togater...lei is a sweetie tooo, but shan cia match more with DMS......i wish there is more sense at the end show how DMS feel sorry for himself when he doesn't remember shan cia....there should be more romatic sense at the end of DAO MING SI and SHAN CIA......

From: deanne  Sat 21 Aug 2004 01:04:44 AM CDT
taiwan is for the royal couple, dao ming si and sanchai. their weird, funny yet transformational kind of love just etches itself in the hearts of the devoted viewers. yesha can find her own prince in bhutan.

From: JERRY SUIT MICHELLE THE BEST  Sat 02 Oct 2004 01:06:51 AM CDT

From: ssssssssssssssssss  Sat 09 Oct 2004 09:58:39 PM CDT
dms and san chai should be together. that's a bunch of bs when you guys say dms and michelle should be together. it just doesn't feel right. i'm glad mg2 ended the way it did.

From: [email protected]  Wed 17 Nov 2004 09:59:59 PM CST
i agree with CN..

From: shadow  Thu 18 Nov 2004 03:04:05 PM CST
idk...idk!! i mean, really, he could go with either. i mean, if he went with shan cai, i'd be happy, but sad for ye sha, and if dms went with ye sha, i'd be sad for shan cai. but then i'd also be happy because Lei is my favorite and shan cai would go good with him too;) Go lei!! and dms..hahaha

From: shadow  Thu 18 Nov 2004 03:06:52 PM CST
nonono!! lei so loved shan cai and i felt SOOOOO bad when shan cai moved on with dms!! i cried!! :(

From: Elfrida  Mon 20 Dec 2004 02:20:00 AM CST
I am happy enough with how MG2 was ended although I love Lei & Sanchai more than TMS & Sanchai. I very satisfy with MARS project where Lei & Sanchai could be together. Can't wait for their another project.

From: Secret Admirer  Tue 04 Jan 2005 09:19:08 PM CST
yeah griffindor you r right pherhaps the people that hate michelle so much is because they are jealous. But I still think San Cai goes with DMS because of the personality and Michelle because phisically

From: Secret Admirer  Tue 04 Jan 2005 09:19:17 PM CST
yeah griffindor you r right pherhaps the people that hate michelle so much is because they are jealous. But I still think San Cai goes with DMS because of the personality and Michelle because phisically

From: peng kia  Mon 10 Jan 2005 05:21:10 AM CST
through this story line i think that sanchai and a shi is more suitable cos yesha is a new character yet she is not suit to a shi

From: peng kia  Mon 10 Jan 2005 05:21:18 AM CST
through this story line i think that sanchai and a shi is more suitable cos yesha is a new character yet she is not suit to a shi

From: silypimp  Sun 30 Jan 2005 07:22:37 PM CST
i agree with the people who thinks that shan cai and lei should have ended up together and jerry and michelle did make a better couple and lei and barbie i think lei and barbie should be together in reallife!!!

From: rubie  Wed 23 Feb 2005 02:30:28 AM CST
I agree that San Chai is one of the beutiful lady in taiwan, with that she companied with the four handsome guys that they had been successful

From: lili  Wed 23 Feb 2005 06:58:07 PM CST
jerry is so cute. i think that barbie matches jerry more

From: nouiy  Mon 07 Mar 2005 07:17:37 PM CST
jerry is the cutiest

From: Y.B.F.  Sun 03 Apr 2005 10:53:40 PM CDT
I think Dau-Ming Sz and Shan-Tsai are a VERIE sweet couple, and Ye-Sha and Dau-Ming Sz they're GOOD too, but Ye-Sha is a GREAT friend too, cause she let Shan-Tsai deserve him, and I think that's a GOOD thing to do...Dau-Ming Sz and Shan-Tsai 4evah Lov3rz!!!

From: stylishchiixx  Mon 04 Apr 2005 10:46:13 AM CDT
hey..uhh! i rily miss this show..tgl ko ng hndi napapanood wahahha...

From: f4'z_gurladvizer  Mon 04 Apr 2005 08:52:15 PM CDT
I agree w/ totally...

From: hang  Wed 06 Apr 2005 11:00:50 AM CDT
jerry n barbie shud go 2 getha 4 realzz

From: hang  Wed 06 Apr 2005 11:00:59 AM CDT
jerry n barbie shud go 2 getha 4 realzz

From: cutie  Sun 10 Apr 2005 04:14:44 PM CDT
not much to say but just wana tell you all that jerry is just so hot and cute that I wish he was mine but probaly just in my dreams, any way he's really a honeypie.

From: dreamy  Sat 30 Apr 2005 09:41:05 AM CDT
All the f4 are the hottest guys on earth.(kiss) (hugs)

From: dreamy  Sat 30 Apr 2005 09:41:14 AM CDT
All the f4 are the hottest guys on earth.(kiss) (hugs)

From: dreamy  Sat 30 Apr 2005 09:41:22 AM CDT
All the f4 are the hottest guys on earth.(kiss) (hugs)

From: dreamy  Sat 30 Apr 2005 09:41:30 AM CDT
All the f4 are the hottest guys on earth.(kiss) (hugs)

From: lail  Sat 30 Apr 2005 11:02:36 PM CDT
no..personally..i see jerry and michelle as a couple more then barbie n jerry..michelle is pretyy..and fit more the him..i dont care bout the long as they look good together..its kewlz wih me..heheh

From: norei mae  Fri 06 May 2005 02:18:28 AM CDT
for me the movie is so very great hindi katulad nang iba hindi maganda ang movie na ito ka nakaka inspire talaga sa mga tao.............

From: Yue Xi 'er  Sat 14 May 2005 09:51:27 AM CDT
Honestly... i think that Dao Ming Shi owes both of them - Shan Cai and Ye Sha - a favour. They both sacrificed alot for them lol~

From: nono [email protected]  Mon 16 May 2005 04:38:07 AM CDT
i love meteor garden very much...i saw only part 1 and i hope i can see part 2...anyone who can help to find part 2 in the net please just send me in my mail...
thanx alot 4 all nice pic..

From: lilo yangsta  Tue 07 Jun 2005 07:31:07 PM CDT
I think Jerry is capible with Barbie. Hello!!! the movie METEOR GARDEN is about them so Michelle needs to go!

From: flowerle3333333  Sun 12 Jun 2005 03:05:40 PM CDT
I think Barbie and Jerry is awesome and belong together in Meteor Garden. They are soo great in the first one so it should stay that way

From: dariepasco  Mon 01 Aug 2005 04:33:26 PM CDT

From: dariepasco  Mon 01 Aug 2005 04:35:32 PM CDT

From: dariepasco  Mon 01 Aug 2005 04:39:17 PM CDT

From: dariepasco  Mon 01 Aug 2005 04:40:23 PM CDT
im sorta dissappointed in the end because im not really sure that continued^^ dau ming si really loves shancai and not ye sha anymore...I HATE YE SHA!! well only her character. but i think michelle saram is really pretty.

From: dariepasco  Mon 01 Aug 2005 04:40:50 PM CDT
continued^^i hope that barbie and yan cheng xu(jerry) will have another soap again. they really look good together...AND NOT MICHELLE AND JERRY!

From: dariepasco  Mon 01 Aug 2005 04:45:05 PM CDT

From: kle  Sun 28 Aug 2005 12:31:51 PM CDT
i love meteor garden too uch, i hope there will be a part 3 asap.
and also i hope i can watch all the episode in part 1 especially part2,jerry and barbie are cmpatible with each other.
hope dey will be 4 ever.

From: apple_jayr  Wed 14 Sep 2005 02:38:50 AM CDT
ur such a nice person
youve given a gifte beauty like that im on a cruh on even im a girl hope i an like you...take care always

From: barbie  Thu 15 Sep 2005 05:33:20 PM CDT
I watch the MG2 and its really good. How I wish that Lei and Shan Cai will be together because of the love of Lei. He is always there when Shan Cai is in trouble.

More power to them


From: From: Loyal F4  Tue 27 Sep 2005 12:42:02 PM CDT
MG I&II were well scripted, good story, outstanding actors & actresses. Superb performance and I love them all. How I wish MGIII will be filmed someday. NCH-Texas,USA

From: jenny  Mon 14 Nov 2005 09:37:41 AM CST

From: jenny  Mon 14 Nov 2005 09:39:29 AM CST

From: mae ann  Mon 23 Jan 2006 01:55:47 AM CST
i bet barbie and jerry are compatible w/ each other. unlike yesha she looks like a walking stick.

From: from;elaine  Fri 03 Feb 2006 12:38:25 AM CST

From: teresa([email protected]  Tue 21 Feb 2006 07:23:20 AM CST
i like san chai picture can you give me many picture of barbi (san Chai) i like her face coz cute and preety girl. ;-) ur movie is beautiful

i'm one of your fans,TERESA
this post is from Philippines

From: someone  Thu 02 Mar 2006 11:10:17 AM CST

From: tetzky_18  Wed 08 Mar 2006 08:54:56 PM CST
i love you guys sana punta kayo ulit dito sa philippines...i mean i hope you so much to come back again in my country in philippines... i hope you like this place...hmmmmp i love you so much.... your the best....wahehehehe takw care guys and god bless you....

From: [email protected]  Wed 08 Mar 2006 08:57:05 PM CST
hello guys i love you so much.... i hope you to come back again in my country in philippines... guys take care and god bless you...hmmmp i love really love your dramas..

From: [email protected]  Wed 08 Mar 2006 08:58:54 PM CST
i love you so much....

From: [email protected]  Tue 03 Oct 2006 11:20:31 PM CDT
it movie

From: C.A_Vic  Fri 03 Nov 2006 01:29:27 AM CST
Come on...we know that michelle and jerry look good together...their physical features compliment each other very well..than barbie xu.. but if you pipes think that they look good together..well, have it your way...i wont interfere with it.. but again.. i prefer michelle and jerry together.! =)

From: jfoale  Fri 03 Nov 2006 08:55:18 PM CST
i would ABSOLUTELY say dao ming sz and shan cai would make a perfect couple. they were so cute with each other. they sacrifice so much to be 2gether. it is also touching.

From: San chai and Daoming si 4vah!!!  Fri 05 Jan 2007 10:36:52 AM CST
Shancai and daoming si is a perfect couple!!!

From: JJ  Fri 16 Feb 2007 10:08:59 PM CST
Too bad people prefer DMS&SC
Angie Chai wanted to give Michelle a breakout role by using the famous MG. At the end it turned the other way around. As if she dug her own grave. MG is only for f4 and Shancai, get the fact.

From: starlite  Thu 31 May 2007 01:38:56 PM CDT
i luv chai...she's soooooo pretty
luv u f4....

From: JnB Rules  Sun 06 Apr 2008 03:27:13 PM CDT
jerry and barbie is a perfect couple! I agree with JJ because MG is only for F4 and shancai!I think yesha should be with lei! and shancai and daoming si forever!

From: ina  Wed 20 May 2009 04:51:27 AM CDT
bnyk bgt ya komennya??????

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